Working that James Bond look in a Paragon classic tux

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Working that James Bond look in a Paragon classic tux

04 / 03 / 2012 — in Tuxedo

The James Bond look
The James Bond look

Take James Bond, a black tuxedo and I reckon you’ve got instant style.

I’m thinking of cocktail parties, roulette wheels, elegant women in evening frocks. I’m thinking what a great backdrop to your evening wedding reception.

Show your groom this style and then direct him straight to a new Paragon classic tux from the After Six Collection. He’ll look a dream. And he’ll be channelling his inner James Bond too. (Or maybe Don Draper in Mad Men? He’s appeared in a  tux more than once.)

Don’t forget that all-important boutonniere or buttonhole. Sean Connery sported a carnation but you’ll have your own wedding theme to think about. Just keep it sharp and snappy. Maybe a gardenia?

A tux works perfectly for a late afternoon wedding then moves onto dusk.   After the ceremony your groom will be perfectly dressed for the evening celebrations.

Check out the new Paragon classic tux and start getting him inspired. Show him this shot of James Bond to begin with.

Photo credits: Image of Sean Connery via ebay.

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